The Band-Aid Argument

Once upon a time I knew
A boy who walked and broke his shoe.
And in the chair he stubbed his toe.
He cried until his face turned blue.

The teacher came to him and said
to "just be glad it wasn't your head".
Then he said to her "I know".
"Good thing it was my toe instead."

Then she took him to the nurse
before his toe got even worse
Then the nurse told him to take
a band-aid from his teachers purse.

The teacher got up and then she said-
to "use one from the nurse instead".
They argued all night and stayed awake-
and the poor boy never went to bed.

Day to night, and night to day.
The two kept arguing away.
Until the boy just had to take-
one from each and walk away.

The two adults then calmed right down
and started looking all around
They found that the boy had taken a break
from all the arguing, and all the sound.

The End

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