The Ballad of MaryMature

Another poem about domestic abuse.

Mary cries
unwanted tears, battered
flesh weaker, than
her enduring soul,
She hides
misery, lovely mask
he’ll never know.
Fist and words
accompanied with anger
bruises, badges of courage.
Leaving, a weakness
she’ll never show.

Tom submits
to whiskey spirits,
persuaded, mental
serpent, strikes.
venom laced voice.
Mary is gone,
replaced with the devil
he feels its false,
the serpent speaks the truth.
Started with a slap,
her head smacks the table
the devil is dead.

Mary’s entombment,
on this dreary day
family and friends flood
the world with their tears.
Tom wears his
sorrow filled eyes.
behind the mask
the whiskey spirits

The End

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