The Author's Manifesto

To all my friends and all those I no doubt influence, I dedicate this to you.

Shadows are cast by your eyes

The pinpoints target me

And penetrate my heart like daggers

Is the darkness in my heart so real?
And what must it conceal

The shadows in their tides are turning my friends into enemies

Their words seem so alive, as if they gained sudden sentience
Words so raw that I cannot see those who love me

I’m lost within self-criticism but I never meant to label my soul

Is this how it is to stop breathing?


Someday, I’ll find who I really am

Although my mind drifts through fantasies gates

Someday, I’ll find the reason I never see the value of my thoughts

And let my spirit soar up before it’s too late.


Chaos resounds in a mind that never saw the sunlight

My writing seems so lost to me

A recommendation only to the broken like thee

It’s a distant memory of a soul in reverie.

Never be a martyr for a critical auteur!

Forgive the ways that their words scorched you like red hot bloody ribbons upon your flesh by the light of the waxing moon.

Now crazed and paralyzed on the smoke that burned my heart to ashes

My muse glazed over anew for new works I wrote like silent roaring fires in an empty choir

Stoked by those, who were enflamed by those passionate matches

Other muses came to me and raised praiseworthy responses

Influenced by ghosts in the fog that I tread on no more


Blurry rain forms in my eyes

As my heart is on the line

To all with pointed daggers and angelic whispers

The exorcism has begun of darkened heart, and splintered metal blood

Consumed by rage, a new age dawns

To those who love and those with the strength to carry on.

Does history guide you or do you set out to rearrange it?

Breach and reveal the unseen stigmata of your emotions

Bared underneath waves of self-defeat.


If you are reading this poem, you are adored

Emotions are an inferno in your heart that shall be released

And doubtless many shall ride alongside

So keep writing and never seize

For the dawn of a new age is today, tomorrow and forever


The End

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