The Aryst0kracy

My poems shall be housed here, that I shan't clog up the site with individual stories for each one.

Looking Back

Not shattered like china but forgotten and forever lost

Not crushed like a broken heart but slowly ground to dust

Living; a chore? Or living; your allowance?

When time is no longer in front of you, but trailing behind
You spend your days remembering, reminiscing; rewind

The good and the bad and the time's you'd forgot
You'd trade anything for them, live them again and for nought

We all know the end will come, whether we fear it
Accept it
Or let it sneak up on us without thinking about it

Of times long since past

For the future, coming so fast

Living to live, and loving your life; beauty is everywhere to be seen
Live for what's happening, live in the now, life is not what has been

The End

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