The Artist

By a companion they are fin'ly met
Allurement fills her breath
He postures a strapping silhouette
though he is ever so charming yet
Displaying signs of breadth
“Portray his thoughts in depth”

They play, there that only they can do
Joyously in the shed
thoughtless in action and hardy too
Her heart though, it seems had gone askew
Though no tears had been bled
The depart she did dread

Painting portraits of all dimensions
like an artist who dared
to swerve far away from conventions
but without any apprehensions
or thoughts to be spared
For fin'ly they've been paired

There's reds to show the colour of their exhausted cheeks
and oranges to represent just where her affections peaks
There's greens for the tread down grass on which they lay their feet
and there's blues for the soon-to-come longing and defeat

It has come; separated are they
Time has fallen so short
Two painters, art left behind that day
to, with water, wash, for good, away
pollute the river port
'Twas forced, a last resort

He thinks not of her ev'r again
Forgotten so apace
is she and the laughter-filled play-pen
And though at night he prays, says amen
to live a life of grace
and love 'twas ne'er the case

Her memories too soon blur also
With the passing of time
came timeless mem'ries proving false; Oh
how she wished for someone to fall so
in love with the runic rhyme
in the words she did chime

Memories are consigned to oblivion to stay
and the clock has ticked and tocked more than a year to day
since they last thought of each other, but they surely know
of the grand masterpiece they left for the world to show

Now the moon, though surrounded by shade
shall laugh for it glows bright
like the kindling love of a kindred maid
and her beau, sneaking out, unafraid
Moving at speed of light
sensuous greed at night

They travel unitedly, moulding
stars out of thick, raw clay
Soaring across the sky, hand holding
whispers back and forth, codes unfolding
two artists, glad art they
in love and love shall stay

When they think now of that loyal date
and the lengths they've since seen
they draw hearts above their heads, abate
their worries, paint pictures of this state
in their minds where no teen
can see for he is keen

Reds to show the colour of their livelihood pumping
Oranges, for their heartbeats are like skipping ropes jumping
Greens for the four-leafs that brought them together
and blues for the only limit against their tether

The End

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