The Argument--Probability

Looking at all these inkblots,
Images randomly appear in my head
Where did the doctor go?
I need help to forget what you said.
I can’t believe you decided
To end it all before asking how I felt.
And if you say, “It’s you, not me,”
I swear my self esteem will melt.

I’ll do whatever you say.
If I agree, can we at least try it my way?
What’s wrong with me wanting a life with you?
I promise that I’ll do my best to stay true.

I’m letting you know right now,
There’s no way I’ll go along with what you’re telling me.
You’re acting as if I can’t understand.
It’s too good to believe.
What makes you think I’ll stay here
Just to listen to the insincerity in your voice?
It’s not like I want to go,
But I really have no choice.

Let me walk out through that door.

Why can’t things go back to the way they were before?

Don’t even bother, just leave me be.
The chances for us is a low probability.

Please don’t say you wish we’d never met.
Isn’t it easier to just forgive and forget?

My heart is filled with your pollution.
I’m sad to say that there’s no positive solution.
Where we’ll end up no one can tell.
So for now, it’s farewell.

The End

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