The Architect

An architect of pain

Using lies to paint the walls

Taking pleasure in the method

And watching as it falls


No heart to wear upon the sleeve

No morals and no soul

So many missing pieces 

Can never make a whole


The blood that runs through blackened veins

Is cold and putrid green 

Reveling in the broken

Hollow, vile and obscene


Master artist of the craft

Learned student of the dark

A smile will always grace your lips

Of life, the only spark


What built this genius?

This demon of the heart?

It was the pain given by others

All taken from the start


A long memory will feed

Obsessions fuelled by heartbreak

If everything's left to putrify

Then there's nothing left to take


An architect of chaos

Uses blood to paint their walls

The donor doesn't matter

Just as long as the building falls

The End

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