Soldier of Love ( Lay Down your arms)


I lean over the bathroom sink

and sigh

Wipe my tear stained eyes

Is it Halloween already?

Ha ha ha

I sigh


I just can’t forget that last kiss

It was clumsy, it was desperate

It was the only honesty you've ever shown me

You held me like you could never let me go

I was so tense and you were so tight against me

but I won't...

I don’t want to hear, what you have to say

But you say it any way

Don’t go


Oh Soldier

Soldier of love

Please, just lay down your arms

Let it be your final surrender

Because there's no hope, for a burning man who carries matches...

And you know I won't forget what this was suppose to be.


Oh beautiful Soldier

Every day your killing me

Why do you have to hope?

When you don't even try?

There goes another Molotov cocktail down the hatch

Burns more than just your throat


I sigh

There's no holding my breath

And look at the girl in the mirror

She whispers to me Soldier of love, lay down your arms

I answer " I know why, tell me how"



The End

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