The Fool On The Hill

Call me a fool if you will,
But I am proud of my hill!
I made it myself you see,
From pieces of you and me.
Let me give you the full tour,
You'll enjoy yourself I'm sure!

Right here is your first email
(I so hoped you were female!).
And beneath my feet the spoon
We shared that first afternoon;
As we ate mango ice cream,
Life was better than a dream!

And what is that over there?
Why it's a lock of your hair!
Please do not think me a creep -
I cut it when you were asleep...
Oh, let's have a look at this:
Your lipstick from our first kiss!

The big box you're standing on
Holds the star we wished upon,
After the fireworks faded,
Before secrets were traded.
And hidden just below that:
The blanket on which we sat.

It's all held tight by the glue
That is my true love for you.
On this mound of memories
I stand taller than four trees;
By me it is more treasured
Than could ever be measured.

The End

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