The Anthology Of The Beatles' Poems

Poetry inspired by The Beatles' song titles - not the songs themselves, just the titles.

The Long And Winding Road

When four lanes dwindle down to two
I know I'm halfway home to you;
I've been driving since dawn today -
I won't be late, I hope and pray

The sun goes out, headlights come on,
Turn up the music, I'm 'bout gone,
But there are still too many miles
Between me and my angel's smiles

Asphalt transforms into gravel,
Trees lean over me like gavels
Trying to sentence me to life,
Severing our bond like a knife

I fight the wheel and I fight sleep;
A promise to you I must keep:
To be by your side when our child
Leaves the womb and enters the wild

Around this bend another waits,
From this road there is no escape;
But I know you're waiting for me
So I drive oh so carefully

Just one final corner to go...
When I feel the tires slip I know:
Of all the precious things I'll miss...
Above all else will be your kiss

The End

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