Little Red Goes Blue

After the wolf tried to swallow her whole

She couldn't wear a red hood anymore,

Her mother tried to take her to a doctor

But she just could not forget the awful

Big sharp teeth of the big bad wolf.

One afternoon, when she thought bad of all hoods,

A mysterious blue one landed on her roof.

She wore it for hours at a time,

And her mother could not hide her pride

That her little red riding hood

Had changed for good,

Except now this time,

She was little blue riding hood;

Wait until she saw the big bad bear

Hiding quietly in the woods.

One day she took fruits and all,

Down the dark woods in the fall,

She didn't see him coming,

And he didn't really care,

Because she was the only one to walk in the woods without a dare.

So he crept and he shuffled,

And all she heard were fallen leaves ruffle.

With a single pounce,

No chances for her to bounce,

Little blue riding hood was eaten

Without a thought to spare.


The End

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