Donald Duck, Down on His Luck

Donald was always an ill-tempered bird
Fighting and quacking those four letter words
He learned his fowl habits in the navy
Upon the seas of the world so wavy

But have you heard why they gave him the boot?
And the real reason he still wears the suit?
Just sit back and I shall tell you the tale
Of an angry duck drunk on rum and ale

It begins on a dark and stormy night
At the pub Don was spoiling for a fight
The bartender said he had had enough
So with her Donald started getting rough

Fists, feathers flew - it was quite the thrashing
The duck won with a beer bottle bashing
But his victory was cut short, my chums -
Turned out Don had beat up his captain's mum!

His fate was sealed, he was soon a goner
Court-martialed and discharged, without honor
As for the suit on his body so plump?
It won't come off - it's stapled to his rump!

The End

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