The Sad Tale of Pinocchio

Everyone knows of Pinocchio's nose,

How it measured his deceit, we all suppose.

But research has found that behind those lies,

There lived the life of another in disguise.


He appeared to be a puppet of wood,

Something sweet and playful, happy and good.

But back in the woodshop where Gepetto worked,

Something quite evil and sinister lurked.


You see Gepetto was really a Don in the mob,

To rule his crime family was in fact his job.

Though he looked so much like a kindly old man,

He ran his rackets with a ruthless, iron hand.


Pinocchio was destined to follow his father,

To one day assume the role of Godfather.

But Pinocchio would not follow the old man's wishes,

So now poor Woody, sleeps with the fishes.









The End

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