Three Blind Mice

Have you heard the scandal, of the three blind mice, 

how wrong people were, to think they were nice.

Everybody blamed, the farmer’s wife,

for de-tailing the mice, with a carving knife,

I’ll tell you the whole story, real and true, 

and leave the matter of their pleasantness, up to you,

It all started mid July, early one morning, 

when the farmer was at work, busy out corning,

The three mice you see, they liked to play games, 

they’d torment the farmer’s wife, they’d call her names,

She thought she was hearing voices, she thought she was going mad,

those three blind mice, so wicked and so bad,

The torture carried on, and she started to cry,

till one day she woke up, and just wanted to die,

Later that morning, when she was all alone, 

she heard those voices, she started to moan,

She was cutting vegetables, with a sharp shiny blade,

with a carving knife, her husband had lovingly made,

She was ready to die, she’d made her choice,

then there it was again, that shrill little voice,

That’s when she saw them, there on the floor,

sitting eating breakfast, by the cupboard door,

She took the knife in her hands, climbed down to her knees,

they never noticed her, too busy with their cheese,

She swung the knife down, determined to kill, 

she got too excited, caught up in the thrill,

Through the air, the blade silently sails,

but somehow she missed, she cut of the tails,

So now you know the truth, behind the three blind mice, 

next time before you believe, you better think twice

The End

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