Did you hear the one about Cinderella?

Many a young girls fairy tale dream

is based on a tale that's not all it may seem

The carriage, the horses

The white dress, Prince Charming

Could be, when the truth's out

positively harming

An illusion, delusion

and I'll tell you why

The fairy tale princess

was actually a guy

Now I'm not opposed

to a bit of cross dressing

But not when with young girls'

wedding dreams you'll be messing

A tale in particular

I would like to share

About a young maiden

with long golden hair

A story that is repeatedly told

A cover up in literature

exceedingly bold

This fable I speak of

is of course Cinderella

The truth that is missing?

He was really a fella

The name he was given at birth

was dan

Six foot two and hairy chested

He was quite a man

The sweet fairy godmother

Just a fag hag

loved nothing better than

seeing Cinders in drag

This mythical 'heroine'

really hated his sisters

Because they worked out

he was really a mister

He gave them bad press

Called them ugly and worse

Said they made him do housework

Held him under a curse

And the night of the ball

Well there was no magic

The way he rifled their wardrobes

it was quite tragic

That Cinders danced with the Prince

til midnight is true

And on the way out she did lose a shoe

But it wasn't a tiny

or dainty glass slipper

Twas a size eleven trainer

more like a flipper

But Prince Charming was mesmerized

Spellbound with love

Believed he had found

the hand to his glove

He followed our Cinders

Across the land

to furnish her finger

with a golden band

But we know the young man

was in for a shock

when he finally got his hand under her frock

The End

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