deputy dog was dirty

Deputy Dog was dirty

Corrupted like lawmen can be

He took bungs from the dealers

Fenced goods for the stealers

He entertained vice girls for 'tea'


Deputy Dog was dirty

No champion of order and law

He'd drive after drinking

His breath would be stinking

He'd never be stopped, he was sure


Deputy Dog was dirty

But one day his nemesis came

Acting on tip off and hunch

Brought on by a good lunch

P.O. Dibble had entered the game


Officer Dibble so honest, upstanding

Determined to bust the bent hound

He tailed him for days

Observed all the Dog's ways

And finally ran him to ground


Deputy Dog was dirty

They locked him up for 10 years and a day

It's right and it's  proper

He'll never again be a copper

They've thrown his police badge away

The End

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