Big Bird's Big Mess

The story of, big bird’s big mess, was a terrible tale, that all started with stress,

Bright yellow, 250 lbs and seven feet tall, when big bird loses it, there’s no stopping him at all,

So listen carefully, my warning you should heed, get of his way, he’s like a sumo on speed,

One after another, he had these crazy ideas, all stemmed from paranoia and drug fuelled fears,

It started with Prozac, but that didn’t last long, the next drug he took, was twice as strong,

it messed with his head, it fried his brain, it wasn’t long, before it drove him insane,

With no mother no father, no one to bring him back, he strayed further and further from the right track,

He run out of money, he turned to crime, he placed an ad in the paper, “I’ll do it for a dime”,

Between his day job, and his criminal life, he saved up some money, baught a gun and a knife,

Just one more job, that’s all he needed to do, but it wasn’t long, before one turned to two,

Three, four, five jobs went by, he’d burst through the doors, yell “reach for the sky,

He’d escape on foot, but he wasn’t very fast, so he called up a driver, he knew from his past,

When Dick Dastardly arrived, they started to drive round, they were casing jobs, seven banks they found,

Dastardly was greedy, he wanted it all, so he devised a plan for the birds down fall,

Big Bird was off his face, as high as a kite, it was going like clockwork, it would finish tonight,

They arrived at the bank, the robbery proceeded, still high on drugs, no caution needed,

All finished inside, he returned to the van, but Dastardly had gone, it was all part of his plan,

He left big there, alone in the street, with six bags of cash and his yellow webbed feet,

Big took flight, run off, tried to get away, determined to find Dastardly, to make him pay,

He run through town, the woods and the bog, but hiding in the bushes, was deputy dog,

Dastardly had sold, information for cash, he then helped himself, to the Big Bird’s stash,

The dog took aim, he watched the bullet fly, it flew straight and true, caught the bird in the thigh,

Deputy dog got his bird, as Dastardly had planned, and Dastardly escaped with ten million in hand,

So although drug induced, it was originally stress, that brought about the story, of Big Bird’s big mess

The End

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