The PowerPuff Girls, My Oh My!

"The Powerpuff girls save the day!"

Announcers would crow to evil's dismay.

"Rockem' sockem' - ain't those girls buff!"

But being a girl can be ever so tough.

The girls: Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles

They needed a way to solve all their weakling troubles.

They needed more oomph - a jolt to their image -

Be the girls that'd win every scrimage.

So the professor [a very shrewd man]

Came up with a most delicious plan.

Who knew the ingredients in Chemical X

Were really the hormones of the opposite sex!

Steriods! The girls were running on rage!

Oh, what's the damage at such a young age?

Then the professer [reputation now rotten]

Groomed them, raised them, tossed them in kindergarten.

All the kids would just point and laugh -

Because who's gonna talk to a girl with a 'stache?

That Chemical X, it fried their poor brains;

They should've, they would've, they couldn't abstain.

The sweet Powerpuffs didn't progress a single grade,

Eventually had to feign at teacher's aide.

Because what can you do with thirty-year-old girls

With the melted minds of Methuselah squirrels?

The End

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