The Owl and the Pussycat ... Too Obvious a Scandal

The Owl and the Pussycat, now there was a pair,

A couple so strange that people would stare.

A New Orleans cat from some Bourbon Street alley,

And a backwoods owl from the Tennessee Valley.


The owl was thought to be educated and wise,

Unbelievably smart for a bird of his size,

The cat was thought to be sexy and cool,

Remarkably hip as a general rule.


They say they got married 'neath the silvery moon,

All because they weren't careful when they went out to spoon.

You see the Owl he was careless when it came to his game,

He caused poor kitty to bring shame to her name.


Owl had no choice but to marry the cat,

He couldn't bear being known as that terrible rat.

Who left the poor kitty in her motherly way,

All because from his perch one night he did stray.


In the end, it was difficult for the owl and the cat,

Trying to explain why miss kitty was fat.

But when finally the blessed event did arrive,

They had two kitty cats, and the owlets were five.







The End

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