Three Little Pigs

The three little pigs, and the big bad wolf , lived up in Scotland, way up to the north,

the wolf was vegetarian, that i bet you didn't know, he loved those pigs they used to play in the snow,

But the pigs grew up, became the animals they are, they refused to leave the house, they'd never go far,

they just sat in doors and ate all the food, they became dirty, obnoxious and terribly rude,

The wolf put up with it, but it was only the start, the pigs got smelly, they started to fart,

The wolf had enough, he had to get out, he told his pig friends,  and they started to shout,

An argument pursued, and the poor wolf lost, his friends his house and his freedom the cost,

they chained him up, they hid the key, they told him to obey and serve all three,        

The wolf persevered, put up with months of abuse, before he come up with a plan, a plan of some use,

He sharpened a stick with his teeth and a rock, he used his sharp stick to pick his chain lock,

He was out, he was free, finally at last, but no matter what he couldn't forget the past,

The pigs had to pay, of that he was sure, so he tracked them down, planned to eat them raw,

The rest of the story, I'm sure you know well, but contrary to belief it was the pigs that went hell. 

The End

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