little red riding hood

Through the years,  so few understood,

The real story of the name of Red Riding Hood.

Her name was given to her o'er time,

Because of her colorful history of crime.


It was her boyfriend Bugsy who first called her Big Red,

Because of her stature and the hair on her head,

She was his squeeze, his gun-toting moll,

A hotsy-totsy, gum-chewing doll.


There were also the days she rode on her Harley,

With an Angel from Hell known as Iron Horse Charlie,

And 'cause she would travel with the band Grateful Dead,

The groupies all called her,  the Bike-Riding Red.


But Big Riding Red had to pay for her drugs,

By working the streets with some mighty tough thugs,

Everyone soon knew that Red was no good,

She ended up being little more than a hood..


So this is the reason she was given that Handle,

It was because of the history of this seldom told scandal.

It wasn't because of some prance in the woods,

It's because she made off with her grandmother's goods.








The End

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