The Misunderstood Dick Dastardly - Hero

Dick Dastardly was no crook, no not at all, he was a hero who should have a statue, standing seven feet tall, 

it’s a shame people perceive things in so many different ways, like Dastardly and Mutly in those early days,

It all started an age ago, way back when, lady Penelope was sexist, she despised all men,

she was driving like a maniac going way too fast, doing 110 she flew straight past,

Dick Dastardly and Mutly saw her mistake, there was fluid falling behind her it come from her brake,

they wasted no time and jumped in their racer, he put his foot down and started to chase her,

he finally caught her, speeding down the straight, he had to act now, before it was too late,

he tried to signal, for her to slow down, she looked at him and laughed, like he was a clown,

he needed a plan, it was now or never, so he clipped her back end, and they spun off together,

well he’d timed it perfect, they’d crashed into some hay, but no one will believe him, not  to this day,

help soon arrived, around the crash site, but it didn’t take long, to break out in a fight, 

Dick Dastardly and Mutly, against all the rest, they called him a monster, and his dog a pest,

he tried to explain, but they just didn’t care, so he made himself a promise, standing right there, 

every single one of them, he vowed to beat, and if he couldn’t win fairly, he’d just have to cheat,

so that’s the story, of how Dick Dastardly changed, from a genuine hero, to someone deranged.

The End

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