Bugs Bunny's Fall From Grace


This news about Bugs may come as a shock

Well, he formed a band called ''What's Up Doc''.

Thrash Metal, they played, and very loud.

Of his big ''belter'' voice, Bugs was extremely proud.


He'd rock on stage, give it all he had;

Crowd-surf every night, yeah, he was mad.

He'd do a few lines in the hotel suite,

Then invite all the babes back for rabbit meat.


As it was expected, he'd trash the room;

Open the window, send the TV to its doom;

Smash all the artwork and rip up the sheets;

Even steal the bathrobes, the shampoo and the sweets.


His old pal Daffy, who played bass in the band,

Was found stone dead with a note in his hand,

Saying ''Bugs made me do it, in a suicide pact''.

But sadly, the scoundrel did not join in the act.


Sadly this lifestyle could never last,

And tragic Bugs met a figure from his past.

This old guy was a creature of habit -

Elmer Fudd was huntin' wockin' wabbit.


He stalked Bugs daily till he tracked him down

And shot him in a nightclub on the edge of town.

Elmer raised a glass, then took out his smokes,

And said, ''Here's to Daffy. That's all, folks!''

The End

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