scooby's scandal

Late one night when the gang was sleeping
Scooby Doo out the door went creeping;
But Shaggy caught sight of this sneaking
And followed his pal without speaking

Through the woods they crept, past scary shacks,
Shaggy's courage held by Scooby Snacks
"Like, what's my little buddy up to?"
He wondered as he suspicions grew

On into the night Scooby kept walking,
On into the night Shaggy kept stalking,
Until at last a mansion appeared
And it was much worse than Shaggy feared

Still he followed, hoping to be wrong -
But his slim hopes were dashed before long
When Scooby entered the location
Where he kept one hundred Dalmatians

"Zoinks!" Shaggy cried in total dismay
"Scooby took the puppies? Like, no way!"
But Shaggy's yell was a bit too shrill -
Now he rooms with Cruella de Vil

The End

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