Old Mother Hubbard and Her Supposedly Bare Cupboard

The scandal of Old mother Hubbard,  involved several small children and her supposedly bare cupboard,

so please sit Back and I’ll tell you the tale, the what, the why, the when and the how,

It was late one Autumn, a Monday afternoon, the clouds were black, and there’d be a storm soon,

When three small children spied a cottage on the hill, the air was getting damp, it was humid and still,

The first black cloud cried its first black tear, quick children come, yes come over here,

A little old lady stood out in the rain, she must have lost her marbles, she must not have a brain,

The children took one minute to make up their mind, she seems to be harmless, yes she seems really kind,

They followed her in through the kitchen door, she gave them bread and milk, said there would of been more,

She tried to explain that her cupboards are bare, please children take a look, there's nothing there,

They bend down to see, she speaks the truth, then there’s a shove, a bang, four walls and a roof,

The kind old lady cackles out loud, it sounds dark and black, as black as the cloud,

“I’ve got you now” she screams and shouts, “you shouldn’t struggle, there’s no way out”, 

I hate to tell but you’ll soon see, that the three of you will soon be tea.

Salt and black pepper, a little spice, yummy yes, that sounds nice, 

Roast children platter yes that will do, and with the rest I’ll make a stew,

I used to feel sorry for old Mother Hubbard, i used to feel bad she had nothing in her cupboard,

Not anymore not now I know the story, I’d tell you the rest but it’s ever so gory

The End

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