Little Bo Peep - This Will Make You Weep!

Little Bo Beep and the scandal of her sheep,

We all sit and wonder, how'd she ever sleep.

She bought much insurance on the members of her flock,

But when she went to close the gate, she forgot to set the lock.

Or at least this was the story she told the Adjuster of the Claim,

"I lost them all, not one is left, and now I live in shame,

As the shepherd of these lambs, their souls I was to keep,

But now all I do hide my face and these heavy tears I weep.

But in the truth, Little Bo, you see, had found the perfect scam,

She was sneeking sheep away at night, and selling every lamb.

She almost got away with it, her flight to Rio booked,

But then she got arrested as a scheming shepherd crook.

Now Bo is doing time in jail, fifteen years to life,

But there in prison she fell in love and has taken her a wife.

So though we may still shed a tear for all the wrong she did,

We still don't know the whereabouts of the million sheep she hid.

The End

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