The Scandal That Befell Little Jack Horner

Poor Jack Horner, he was too young
To handle his name being sung
By every mother to her child
In each household, both plain and wild

Sadly, the fame went to his head -
"You'd think gold would flow when he bled!"
They said whenever he came near,
"Or does silver come out his ears?"

Jack soon turned to drinking in bars,
Joining the rest of the child stars:
There was Muffet with her rich men,
Jack but no Jill (fighting again!)

John, talking to his lost stocking;
The hush-a-bye'd baby? Shocking!
All gathered there, drowning their past,
Mourning, "It all went by so fast!"

It is no fun making ends meet
When fortune leaves you in the street.
No more plums for poor Jack Horner -
Now each night he works the corner

The End

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