sylvester's secret

How shocking it was when the news did break,

Just after we had gathered for Sylvester's wake.

Found hidden beneath his blue litter box,

Were letters of love from Miss Goldilocks.


Who would have guessed that this feline clown,

Was in reality a cat on the town.

Chasing the skirts all through the night,

With especially the blonds, it was love at first sight.


How Goldy was fooled by his sweet sounding purr,

You'd think that she'd that see this cat was cur.

But then looking further we soon understood,

Why she didn't do right, as she knew she should.


For with the love letters, some stocks they did find,

All of the shares of the deBears Diamond Mine.

We knew of his fondness for "Succotash",

But Goldy she knew of his stash of cash.


So Tweedy became Goldy's new found friend,

When Sylvester the Cat came to his end.

A sweet yellow bird and a yellow haired lass,

Oh yes, they cried when da' puddycat did pass.





The End

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