The Cat in the Hat did THAT?!

The cat in the hat, we loved and knew,

that little yellow bird, in a Tweety pie stew,

i couldn't believe my ears, could it be true,

if so that cat should be in a zoo.

What kind of monster would eat Tweety pie,

not Sylvester, no that was a lie,

they was best friends, he wouldn't dare try,

it was the cat in the hat, but i don't know why.

What a way to go, what a terrible fate,

to be boiled alive, with apricot and date,

Sylvester Tweety's friend, was in an awful state,

how could he do it? the cat in the hat was a mate. 

It's not new news that a cat eats a bird,

but the method this time was truly absurd,

the minute i knew, the minute i heard,

i rang the cat up and asked for a word.

How could you do it to poor Tweety pie,

i asked expecting to hear a lie,

the cat burst in to tears, he started to cry,

I'm so sorry he said, i can't tell you why.

The End

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