The Anthology of Scandals

Who would have thought that it could ever be,

This scandal that shook us all this century,

How shocked we were when we heard the news,

That there were in truth two Winnie the Poohs.


"It can't be true," the people did say,

Why would Pooh lead us so astray,

We knew of the rumors of his other life,

That Pooh kept in London another wife.


Now Tigger the tiger might do something that,

For he was a rather scatter-brained cat,

But Pooh himself seemed so honest and pure,

Yet when it comes down to it, you can never be sure.


So when Winnie was working with Piglet and Owl,

In the nightclubs of South London, his double did howl.

Christopher Robin must have felt so betrayed,

By the bear that he thought was always afraid.


"Why, Pooh, why, could you not tell us the truth,

Why did it take the work of sleuth,

To expose the tryst you had in Parliment House,

With the sweet and adorable Mrs. Minnie Mouse."







The End

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