The Antagonists

A somewhat understanding look at our villians.

They began with the reaper,
reversing humanity.
Their hearts are flint, carved by a tragic princess,
who dreams of victims and heroes and lack thereof.

Without good there can be no evil,
they were once terrified;
Of twisted fairy tales and reality,
who cares about Snow White - what of the evil queen?

They throw stones
in the faces of pity.
They play and play and play
with tongues sharp as knives.

They find those who are weak,
and manipulate their bared strings.
Naked leads the blind,
together they tumble over judging steps.

Maturity forces masks of porcelain
over the faces of their webbed souls.
Joining the masquerade,
they waltz for years in a tangent world.

They wither like skin,
like flowers fed acid rain.
Antagonists don't deserve happiness (according to the good),
so they cut red threads and walk into the ocean.

The puppets follow, the masters can swim.
King takes Jack.

The End

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