The Answer

His hand was pale,

She caressed it with great care

As if it belonged to a porcelain doll.

"Dad, think about it, one more time".

The old man tried to pull his hand away,

"Leave me alone, Ann."

He started walking down the stairs

Leaning heavily on the fence.

"At least let me help you."

From the expression of his face when he turned back,

She understood the battle was lost.

She waited until his thin shadow disappeared

Sighed and pushed the colossal front door of her house.

Her husband was walking towards her,

He seemed nervous,

"So?" he said impatiently,

Forcefully putting in her hands a wide cup of coffee.

She took a sip, her hands were shaking,

 Dark drops dripped on the shiny floor.

"You know my father, he won't let it happen. Never."

He enlaced her while she sobbed on his shoulder.

She stopped when she heard her son going down the stairs.

At the sight of their loving son,

A sense of pride invaded the couple

Yet sadness quickly replaced the warm feeling

When they noticed the blond girl following him.

The young couple did not talk

They were worried by the expression on Ann's face.

"The answer is no" she simply said

And she buried her face into her cup of coffee.





The End

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