The Anger From Within

gave my heart to a girl and she threw it back in my face. Still having trouble getting over her

Blood drips from my wrists I write my words in blood
Stained by my past i wonder if i will ever be good
I use this rope to hold my head up high
But as this noose grows tighter my life is about to die
I regret the choices that i have made my entire life
So now i look back to my past as i once again hold this knife
So as the blood drips i shall never lose again
For this is the anger that i have from with in

Here i sit wondering what my life will remain after my life begins to fade away
You brought up the fury when you told me that together we will always stay
But when i thought forever was in my grasp you threw it back at me
You thought i was rushing but i felt that is where i wanted to be
Blood drips from my body as tears fall from my face
Some one help me get out of this place
Trapped by the truth and the failure to love again
For the release of the anger that i have from with in

You brought the pain that i shed from years back to me in full pain
The voices that are in my head are screaming at me that makes me insane
But ask yourself each day why do you wake up and get up wondering about life
Because i had the reason once when i asked for her hand and to be my wife
The rejection was harsh but i was ok, it wasn't till i lost more did i know i would die
To this very day i still have to fight everyday to put on a smile when inside all i do is cry
For my sanity is fading as i look in the mirror all i see is my sin
And that is the fury of my anger that i have from with in

The End

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