The angel with broken wings

For a friend of mine, who's had a rough life.

An angel with broken wings and a broken heart.

Gone through so much and is still wading through the pain.

Scars on your heart and on your arms.

You just try and live with the pain that knaws at your very being.

You wrestle others, who's choices have altered your life.

Trying your hardest just to keep the tears where no one can see them.

You keep up a wall so no one can get to your heart and break it again.

You try your hardest to make your choices right.

But, no matter what you do, you think you're never good enough.

Will never amount to anything because of your past mistakes.

But you don't see that in some people.

Some people can see through your mask that covers the shards of your heart.

And those are the people you love.

But you don't see someone else who cares more than anyone else.

He doesn't care how far you've gone.

How much bad you think you've done.

Or how shattered you heart of glass is.

Your father created you to be his perfect child in his eyes.

All your heartbreaks are the cause of his tears.

All your pains are the cause of his.

And your crown of shame is the reason for his crown of thorns.

And for everytime you've felt alone.


And you see your soul in a mirror of disgust.

He see's the beautiful person you were meant to be.

The End

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