The Angel that Never Came

The heavens sighed with deep regret

to see the poor lost soul

who's fate was sealed with tragic doom

her stories never told


People try to understand

but they don't see the light

why a thousand voices fill the air

and come out to play at night


The world is not, as it may seem

a friendly place to be

suffering and death and pain

we never get to see


The beast that lurks behind the door

the thing beneath the bed

they are as real as you and me

not things inside your head


But could it be that we aren't real

is this all a game

that nothing here is truly there

what's different is the same


They tried to make her better

they tried to bring her back

but no amount of medicines 

could heal a wound like that


That which you would never think

somebody could do

but all the while its going on 

just not to me and you


All alone the small child wept

she simply couldn't see

what she had done to cause the pain

a wound you cannot see


In the darkness, there should be light

a savior from the worst

but her guardian angel never came

to take away the hurt


All hope once had has now been lost

as her soul slips away

all thats left to do is weep

for that long awaited day


She wants to die, she know the truth

in what her story tells

all she needed was the love

that they never felt


You can say it isn't true

but you can only try

in the end you'll feel the pain

that makes the children cry


We can stop this happening

before the madness starts

people just need to open their eyes

and speak straight from their hearts

The End

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