The Angel of the Opera

The persona of this poem is Ange. The young Soprano of a grande opera. She calls upon her coach, The Angel of the Opera, to reconcile with her once more.
Inspired by The Phantom of the Opera

The Angel of the Opera

come to me.

Stay with me

Sing for me.


I call you for one reason,

For one alone,

To play for me

until my last breath.


I have something to say,

Please listen to me.

My eyes glisten in your presence.

Your existence simply brings me joy and happiness.


How I love your voice so sweet,

Oh so deep.

With you singing,

I can hear the violins blending.


Without you what would I be?

I trash bag wandering in the streets!

Living in a house of creaks,

I might as well die, but you saved me.


My Angel, My light, my guide,

Never leave me alone,

I yearn for you,

Guide me to the right road.


The Angel of Opera, Angel of Music

Stay with me, be with me

I call for thee,

To sing with me


The End

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