The Angel and the Knave

Story of a couple ascending from darkness and restoring peace to a world of heresy.

Demons screech the hallowed name,

A fallen Angel put to shame,

Beasts come forth, from hell they spawn,

from the night into the dawn.


Heretics burst into life,

Drenched in blood, a mark of strife,

The one they hunt, the name they speak,

A young girl at the Devil's peak.


They chant her name, yet know it not,

Without a chance the sacred rot,

And fall before the grace of death,

Obliteration, nothing left.


She lies upon a cursed grave,

And who should come? A wretched knave,

The rogue whispers into her ear,

The very words she longed to hear.


The wretched fellow starts to yearn,

To hear her story, the young boy learns,

A life of lies is not worth living,

The boy was sorry, the girl forgiving.


Faces change, as did the boy's,

All he had had been destroyed,

To make way for a birthing light,

A new persona of the night.


The boy, no older than the girl,

So insecure, began to furl,

The girl helped him to rise above,

He forgot his fears and fell in love.


The girl was lead from the Devil's peak,

to the lands they dared not speak,

they traveled endless to their demise,

where if they fell they would not rise.


A guardian came from the gloom,

'Begone with you 'fore darkness looms',

he guided the lovers to the light,

Away from evils of the night.


The couple wandered endlessly,

They tore the land, they scaled the sea,

The girl was cut, her flesh wound bled,

The water dyed, unholy red.


The boy soon found her sancutary,

She lay in pain, so he was wary,

The girl embraced a coming death,

Her side the boy had never left.


She wanted pain, he wanted sense,

She lay there dying, blood was drenched,

But then the boy said something sweet,

Healed, she rose back to her feet.


Along their travels the lovers met,

An evil prophet, unholy threat,

The bodies lay beneath his blade,

All their hope began to fade.


But as this hallowed story goes,

The power of love overthrows,

The darkest of the Devil's kin,

The couple unleashed a power within.


Blood was spilled, the battle heated,

'Til the anarchist was deafeated,

This tale was harsh, the journey rough,

In welcome of peace, the couple made love.


As they saw that all was fair,

And praise revolved around the pair,

Love and peace and calm restored,

And from the darkness their light poured.


This story of a girl who fell,

A boy, who's lies the girl would quell,

From finding love she brought the peace,

And now the girl could be released.


So lies the Angel and the Knave,

The boy who's heart and soul he gave,

And for the love the girl engaged,

They will be known through every age.


The End

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