The American War LiesMature

The paradox, or a lie,

The truth you told me, to send me on a happy high.

Came crashing down, like the lightning from the sky.

I was the voltage in the bolt, the fire in your enemies eyes. 

I was the current that electrified the Frankenstein, the blood that flowed in your veins.

I died and was buried. Carried to the end in a box made of trees wrapped in a veil of Stars and Stripes. 

I was told the pain would not be mine.

Nor the death anything but honorable. 

I was the cog that twisted the gears, the engine behind the war. 

I guarded the door to peace, never letting anyone in that could not pay the full lease.

In the end I died, staring into the eyes of a war mongering lie.

We were not peace keepers and the door was long gone, the terrorists were not here,and never were they going to blow us sky high.

We were the invaders, the wrong doers, the one carrying a lie.

I smuggled it across borders and became what I feared.

I bombed the innocent, shot the defenders and defended my bosses lie.

And when I died, I could not apologize to those that too, had lied....

The End

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