Car Crash

Crossin’ the road the other day,


Came out of nowhere I tell you. I

Checked both ways and there was nothin’

Coming so I stepped off the

Curb and there it was,

Careering round the

Corner and heading straight for me. Well I jumped back having bloody nearly

Choked with shock! The people behind me were screaming and gasping too.

Clearly the driver was pissed or in trouble

‘Cause next thing I know there’s a flash of a blue lights

Come roarin’ past.

Coppers, it was. They were

Chasin’ this fella and as I stared after them the guy

Crashed straight into a set of traffic

Cones where they’re diggin’ up the road just past

Cavendish Lane.

Cor blimey mate, sounds like you had a hell of a day! ‘Ere, pass the

Chips, I’ll tell you something that’ll make your balls


The End

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