Full - eating nonstop on thanksgiving and laughing with your family.

Full - the moon on a clear night, and the light fills the sky with its mellow glow.

Full - when your mind won't turn off at night and you just want to get to bed, but you've got such brilliant ideas.

Full - a flower in bloom and its petals spread out off the edge and curls towards its stem.

Full - are you feeling pessimistic or optimistic, in other words, is it half empty or otherwise?

Full - people begin filing into a small room and it suddenly gets hotter than even the summer sun and humid with everyone's breath.

Full - the picture you carefully colored in with a crayon when you were young and made sure you did not color over the lines.

Full - at the gas station and you breath the toxic fumes and wait patiently till the loud click in the nozzle, the beep from the machine, and your credit card comes out. 

Full - you've had enough and every tiny thing puts you over the edge, on the verge of tears, and the only thing that can help is sobbing into a pillow, and crying yourself to sleep.

Full - of it when you  just won and decide to rub it in everyone's faces by dancing like an idiot, and making bizarre faces. 

Full - the piture of lemonade with lots of ice and a bendy straw... sugary and sweet, yet a bit sour.

Full - this page is FULL of explanations of things that are FULL.

Full- the end.

The End

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