Can I tell you a secret?
'Cause I've been dying to tell you since we met.
Caress this knowledge in your heary, you won't regret!
Crazy secrets like these aren't easy to forget.
Criticize this secret however you like.
Condolences I give to you if this secret give you a fright.
Cases like that have happened before since this secret might
change your life.
Could you come closer please?
Camoflauge this secret, I shall, by buzzing it in your ear like flies or bees.
Come closer I tell you, I'm not doing this to tease...
Cops I hear! I must go now, this secret shall stay silent.
Count your blessings. You're lucky I didn't get violent.

About a man trying to tell a young lady that he is on the run from cops.
Yeah, that's the lame secret.
(l a w l z .)

The End

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