The Alphabet of Chemistry

Atoms : a handful of them,
Base and wicked.
Conductors of electric orchestras,
Deionizing existence until their
Entropy reaches a crescendo.
Faraday's law fueling the
Galvanic cells, lit by
Halogens - almost inert, their
Ionic bonds broken,
Joules of energy power the
Kinetic resonating rhythms of
Lawful chemical reactions :
Molecules combining -
Nuclear clouds uniting, as
Orbitals get displaced.
Protons jamming with neutrons, their
Quarks orient - up and down.
Radiating the music of the universe.
Sublimation ensues.
Thermodynamically stable,
Uncertainty in principle, though.
Vaporised and vindicated
Wave functions of acoustic semblance
X-rays and many gamma rays, and
Yields of quantum waves later :
Zero-point energy, is where it all settles down.

The End

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