The Alphabet of Java

Abstract it may seem, but it all boils down to
Boolean bytes, nothing more. If you 
Catch what I mean, I'll
Double sixteen, and end up with sixty-four.
Else, you can skip that, and head
For the next bit, and let the
Garbage Collector take care of it.
Hash it all out, and
If it doesn't make sense, then you obviously don't know
Java. But I guess it won't
Kill you. 
Long I have wondered, the
Method to its madness, those
New fangled words, and
Objects! Whether
Public, protected, or private, the nerds
Queue up to compile and
Switch languages, or I will
Throw an exception, for I truly am rather annoyed. How
Util of us that would be, to declare Java
While I am a programmer,
XOR a believer in the potential
Yield of the newbie... I will
Zip up my mouth and learn Ruby. 

The End

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