The Alphabet of Boolean Algebra

Axioms are always true, but
Boolean algebra is where the magic lies.
Combinations of anything give you only
Distributions of 0 and 1, all of which can be represented as
Expressions, emotional and quirky.
Finite in length, but flexible enough to
Graph meaning out of the abstract.
Hamiltonian cycles and trees use them;
Integers 0 and 1 stuck-up in rigid lattices which
Join to create logic, which I may represent by
Karnaugh Maps.
Logical simplification, with the ultimate goal  of
Minimizing these expressions,
Normalized forms of which can then be
Operated upon by obscure methods like
Propositional calculus theorems which end rather dramatically -
Reduction methods that hope to find hope, and in the
Simplification of complexities, we create an absolute :
Universal in design, and in conjunction with the
Venn diagrams; that is visual for the benefit of the dyscalculic, we have
Well-ordered sets that show us gates to an anti-Luddite world, built in
X-Or's, X- And's, Or's, And's and Not's, reducing  it all down to just 1 idea:
Yin-Yang of life is now  represented in just (10) base 2  integers -
Zero and One.

The End

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