The Almighty

They say God is good and kind,
They say he say a heart like no other,
They say he loves us all unconditionally.
They say he watches over us and protects us,
They say he cares for us all,
They say he is the light at the end of the tunnel,
They say he is generous,
They say he forgives innumerable times,
They say he is patient,
Basically they say God is all good and there is not an ounce of evil in him

If God is all this,
Why will he take the things most valuable to you,
Why will watch as we go through pain and anguish,
Why will he send atrocities to his people,
Why will he punish his people who most admire him,
Why will he make his people go through ‘hell.’
If he is so accepting why do we have to give all just to be noticed by him?

And we call this person a God,
How can we when leaves us to burn,
And go through countless pains,
This is not a God this is an illusion,
This is something we make up to give ourselves hope,
Something to keep ourselves going when all is lost,
Something to make us feel like someone cares about us.
Something that makes us feel like some out there actually gives a damn about us,
Something to make us feel like we have someone to protect us and keep us safe.
Something that gives us a reason to wake up in the morning,
Something that gives us a reason to live,
Something to make us think there is something wonderful after death,
It gives us some one to look to when we are afraid, confused or just given up on life,
Some one to look up to,
Some one that will stand up for us and protect us, be our saviour,
Some one who cannot and will not harm us,
Some one that will never abuse us,
Ridicule us,
Abandon us,
Reject and insult us.
This is an illusion or a perfect person, one that can never be.

If God does exist,
he does not show it,
What proof do we have,
A few miracles,
A few saved lives,
These are not the work of God, it is luck,
The mere concept of being able to survive something is not the work of God,
It is chance.
This, God, is mans greatest illusion.
We are just too blind to see it,
Blind because just want the hope of knowing someone will be there no matter what!

The End

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