The Age of Miracles: Reader Response Criticism Journal

This book reminds me of a lot of the things that I learned about in the science in space. This book helps me connect what I learned to understanding what is happening in the book.  In the book the characters seem to react and respond how I thought they would. They react they same way most people in real life would react in this situation. Such as immense panic and not wanting or feeling the need to do their basic daily activities. This could be not going to work or going to school. People tend to ignore authority. I agree with what has been happening in the book so far.  Reading this book has made me think more about the possible dangers that it has introduced. This is important because I care about the world and our solar system and the science around it.  The book is really entertaining and intriguing because the conflict has more and more tension added to it as you go. It never gets to a dull point in the book. If the same thing happened to me that happened in the book I would react similar to how the characters reacted.  Overall the book is very interesting and I can relate to it and it;s characters.

The End

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