The Aftermath

The slightest tone of the phone is enough to startle,

The softest whisper of the breeze makes me strain;

What has become of the girl I once was,

I ask and ask myself, but all in vain.


It took just a look from you, a dismayed glance,

A sentence unfinished, a word unspoken;

A touch so forlorn, a smile so dim,

It took just a look from you, and now I’m broken.


I waited for you, despite the tears,

I lay still as time passed, despite the fear;

Just waiting for that look, that glance,

That touch, that smile, but now I have nothing to hold dear.


You gave nothing away, you gave nothing at all,

Even when you were aware of the thirst in my soul;

Not a single drop to quench the thirst,

You gave nothing away, and now I’m a fool.


There’s no drop of water in the middle of the desert,

Not a single sapling between the fissures now;

There isn’t a silver lining to the clouds,

Before disappointment and agony, my hope has had to bow.


If only you had looked, had you only glanced,

If the sentence had been finished, the word spoken at last;

Had the touch been tender and the smile beaming bright,

My world would still be intact, not a figment of your past.


Hope still burns bright in the desolation,

Its strength knows not the reality;

My heart still aches for you, aches deeply,

It knows that for me and you, there is no finality.


The infinite thoughts gathering in my head tell me,

As does my throbbing heart;

They tell me every moment, every second,

Our journey is not concluding, we cannot so easily part.

The End

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