The Adventures of Me.

So I've really gotten into writing poetry lately and have noticed my self writing poems after random stuff I do during school and whatnot. :) So I suppose this could be classed as a poetry journal. Happy reading.

12th Monday 2011 - German Test.


She opened her eyes wide

Nodding her head slightly,

Contently listening,

As the gibberish came out of my mouth.


Then she speaks, Fluent.

The words glide off her tounge.


I stare at her blankly,

Concentrate on the words

The content. The feeling.

What do they mean?


Only God knows.


Soon, after all my thoughts

have been spoken,

In a language that is not my own.

She tells me more work must be done.


My words are meaningless

I realise, and move from my chair.

My head hangs low as I leave my German

teacher to await the next student.


German Orals suck.





The End

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