The Ache

About losing one's senses and memories, drowning in a silent mind-death, becoming lost in a fog of oblivion. One of my worst fears.

In time, every face will fade

Animated visages becoming

Still images, projections

In a room I can rarely revisit

Trying to ressurrect you from the shadows

Of the past was like

Trying to breathe underwater.

It felt so real when it happened,

So warm.

I scramble for detail and find only

Dim shapes behind frosted glass

Figures from dream images

Avatars of hopeless longing

Unquenchable thirst.

Even your voices will eventually become

Nearly too low to hear.

The dull murmur of phantoms

Conversing in hallways

Conspiratorial tones

For the longest time I press my ear

Against the door, straining

To hear anything.

Call out to me again!

Pierce this insistent silence.

Help me recapture the moments;

Precious details and emotions

So many words and notions

All of it, slowly dripping away

Replaced by the mute darkness

And the ache.

The End

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