The 20 Daykeepers.

This poem was inspired by a book I read call the "The Prophecy of Days: The Daykeeper's Grimor Bk1."

The 20 Daykeepers you shall seek

To help those who are poor and weak.

The Darkness shall rise,

As well as the Lord of Lies.

Seek not in what you can see,

But in that, that makes you flee.

Beware the temptation,

And do not mistake it for Salvation.

20 Daykeepers there are.

20 Nightkeepers to par.

20 to represent Light and Life.

20 to command the Dark and Knife.

The Earth shall taste blood;

Blood that shall cover the Earth in Flood.

Beware the Man who calls himself Dark Moon,

For he is the Lost One who has the power to swoon.

Three are One, and One are Three.

Together, greater are we.

The End

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